*The truth lies within.

*Perish bcuz of lack of knowledge.
Knowledge of the spiritual things.

(The Kill and Control Agenda)

*LANDERS(Those who have landed/fallen)-Well known poisonous product provider of soap, lotions, hair care products etc..

*2001- Elites were told to increase the mind altering effects in street drugs and pharmacy drugs and poisonous chemicals in all products, water, food, weed etc.

*The Technology they came with, were the same technology that the Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies use against us.

*The idea and goal was to make us sick long-term and if so they would make long money.
Now they are speeding up the process.

*Their main tools are Marijuana, Cigarettes, Meat, Beer and Liquor.

*Weed and Newports have increased in usage.

*Genetically Modified Weed. Known as a mind altering drug as is but after it was legalized they added poisonous properties.

*Aleister Crowley(1919/1915)
Came and visited Park Davis research Laboratory that sits on the (Riverfront)WATER.
*There in Detroit a marriage was created between the Occult and the Pharmaceutical industry.
*Years later they created street drugs.

*Laboratories and Aleister Crowley did rituals/the OTO to merge pharmaceutical industry and demonic magicall realm together.

*Increase in the mind altering effects of drugs and the availability in pharmacy drugs. They mirror each other/One comes from the other/street drugs were born from pharmaceutical drugs.

*Ecstasy was used treat ppl with depression or down..inturn that will have you giddy/up/geeked.

*Late 80s- Early 90s
(Read:Message in a bottle)
Melanin starting wising up on the malt liquors and 40s.

*Elites figured out the weakness in urban or poverty stricken areas is.. LACK.
So using this information against Blacks is creating ICE beer thinking ICE keeps it cold but no it’s actually Malt Liquor.

*Making Malt Liquor and ICE beer with residues bcuz it’s more potent. More Potent bcuz the residue collects at the bottom.(Sediment)

Colt 45/Gun
Red bull/pagan
Steel Reserve or 211(famous) -(All malt liquor, liquor and beer)Drives you out of your mind in longevity.

*9/11/2000~~Marking of a new world/New Order.
Also the new style of killing came in..Seedless fruits and vegetables and GMO(not from nature) products.

*Meats, Dairy, Fruit, Water, Vegetables has been slowly killing us and starving our bodies… With this we get hungrier and eat more bcuz our bodies is missing nutrients and it’s speaking to us saying eat, eat.

*Increase in Fluoride(main ingredient in rat poison) consumption.(toothpaste, water, bottled water etc)

*Cholesterol source is dead flesh. Cholesterol that clogs your arteries and causes your blood flow to be interrupted causing heart attack or stroke ..is dead flesh.

*WATER(Tanting the water)is essential necessity for growth and spiritual man/higher self.

*Water is a Spiritual property.

*Body is 80% water and Earth is also 80% water.
They poisoned the water so they could not only fuck off you physically but also fuck you off spiritually.

*Speak to your water, those molecules are moving in the water, your voice is a vibration, the vibration affects the molecules and sticks to them.

*Water will contain and the energy you speak into it. (Aka Holy Water)

*Sleeper Products~Time released harm.(sleeple people or walking dead)

The Poisonous Product Agenda: The Black Awakening~Bringing out those who have been programmed to sleep and stay dormant till the last days when the electing Elite rise up then the Sleeple are to be Woke up, triggered by the handlers/coons/ppls around them and when triggered they will go off and will create the Anarchy and they’re going to try to kill as many as the elect as they were allowed to or ones around them.

*So be watchful, observe the ones/coons/agents/handlers ones programmed by default, ones carrying out time release the chaos/purge/cause havoc/going insane…Ones programmed by music, music, media, trauma from living in the ghetto or projects/project/experiment.

*Sleeper peoples minds are being altered and programmed by default.

*They are the ones that are missing time/memory loss/alternate personalities/altered~different personalities/mind.
(Uncharacteristic behavior is a manifestation of the many different personalities/entities that have sat in or walked in the individual)

*Ones/agents/coons/workers/handlers who will repeat certain situations and circumstances that added to their sickness bcuz of the oath of silence they can’t flat out tell you what’s wrong with them but they are buried beneath other altered personalities or entities that are trying to mute by demonic forces.

*Atlanta is where The Boule(Elite Black Coons) Center is now.(Detroit was the old Boule in 80 s)
*Boule released the drug Molly into the urban streets.

*Generation Y~Releasing of Molly.

*Generation W~ (George W Bush) The releasing of Cocaine.(sex-suckcess-success-partying)

*Generation X ~Releasing of Weed/Chronic.

*Suckcess..Sex..Cocaine..Success..Partying..Molly..All connected.
These things are used to draw you in to this demonic chemical which is used to cause u to vibrate in such a way to where u open up ur doorways/gateway/energy centers/chakras/mind, to now you are open to different dimensional demonic entities that are waiting and looking for the weakest link to set and harvest in.

*Control or drug up the minds of Melanin so we won’t be able to fight back, protect, stand up 4 self. They will enslave you easily.

Perversion and The Natural Order


The male whom God has created to be the priest of his family and take care of his wife, and children but the satanic intrusion into the mind of the male is greater than what most of the male can handle, satan has purposefully targeted
The male through sexual lust because it is the only way it can quickly but surely destroy the priest of the home (destroy the Shepherd and the sheep will scatter)
Pornography (getting the male into lust-fullness and involved in unconnected way of sexual intercourse), Find refuge in God

(The battle is the Lords)
the pressure to lust and be sexually enslaved is greatly on the male God has given vision for humanity, for a male to survive this mental, emotional and spiritual attack on them, they must be close to their creator God to help them stay strong, their is no other way they can achieve victory in this fierce attack on them.

T.V commercial is full of nude women, News, internet, journal, books, everything is a bait for the male and most of them are not even trying to fight against the bait and the more you succumb the more perverted you become.
From sex in the vagina to sex in the female anus then you graduate to pegging, then you graduate to male anus, then finally you go crazy and start raping animals, sleeping with a dog, then you inseminate an animal.

The male must follow the example of the word of God in the book of Genesis, Adam spent alot of time with God, so therefore he got the strength he needed but when eve was created it became a source to his weakness and that is the reason the bible said the men should deal with the women with wisdom because we are the weaker vessel (physically weak but mentally stronger) men reflect deeper, women act on impulse and that is the reason (the priest) the male must reason things deeply and with wisdom.
The European women for example who do not trust in God and desires to dominate her husband (Has been given demonic power by the antichrist demon) which helps her turn the order of God, turned the laws of God up side down by sedating all the European men and make them zombies in their own homes and the woman controls in the house and when the man tries to impose his authority the law of the land will back up the woman foolishly saying the male is intimidating the woman, then they encourage the woman who has now successfully created the beast in the family (a beast has two heads) no beast rules in the family of God, their is a head(the male) and a help mate(the female) anything away from this is a Witchcraft and a beast has been created that must not be tolerate, it must be destroyed to establish back Gods family order.

European laws is encouraging a beast like family, the targeted male is in big time trouble because if they talk they get thrown out of the house they built by the law enforcement agents and if they get too angry and lay their hands on the female in frustration, they go to jail, so this men are sedated like zombies, the wicked spirit in the woman takes advantage of this and becomes witches in the house, dominating the priest (Jezebel spirit takes over), so therefor the female do not have the godly covering, the children are exposed to been violated, morally, spiritually, sexually and because the male is meant to lead and protect, he begins to use sexual pervation to numb himself from his reality through sexual parvertion.You ladies please help our men to help ourselves, the male is going crazy and their is no limit the devil will not get to, to destroy the human race but with the female taking the bull by the horn we can restore back our home, help our children from having sex at the age of 9, help pedophile from raping our children by 5 years old, help our children from been subject of child pornography, help our men through prayers and support by allowing them to do what God created them to do, which is to become a PRIEST, a PROTECTOR, a FATHER, and HUSBAND.

Perversion binds the mind of the man on seeking lust as love, and love demishes in his mind.

My Dear Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me from the truth in Your words or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transference that is enslaving my spirit, soul, mind and body. Cancel and deliver me from every illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and set me free from Pegging and I shall be clean. save me and I shall be saved from the hands of the wicked and redeem me from the hands of the Terrible. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations, control and black mail. purge me, Save me and deliver me from the spirit of Pegging and pervation and I shall be saved.

Creator God, I have no power nor strength of my own to fight darkness, I ask you to take control and free me from teh powers of darkness that encam around me, loose me from their network and free me into divine purpose and plan, I choose to submit myself to God and flee from evil, I confess with my mouth and accept in my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and I receive salvation today in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!